structured protocol authoring

Configurable Protocol Templates

Integrated Child Templates

Automated Planning

Process & Project Tracking

Milestone Management

Budgeting & Spend Tracking

Resource Forecasting

"structured protocols reduce compliance risks and maximize data consistency"

software + services

Structured protocol management is critical to help resource limited organizations satisfy new transparency requirements, maximize data consistency and achieve strategic timelines. To survive global regulations and scrutiny, pharmaceutical companies must have consistent processes and be able to continually publish consistent data on time.

We realize that structured protocols is a significant change for the pharmaceutical industry, so we must work with many stakeholders across the organization to ensure success. That is why ePROTOCOL is more that just software, but includes process management services to maximize enterprise value.

Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how ePROTOCOL can help your organization stay compliant, achieve submission timelines and maximize public data consistency.

Visualize Protocol Process

Share Protocol Data

Link Dependent Documents

Assign Resource Tasks

Trigger Alerts

Send Notifications

Align Key Milestones

Secure Critical Data

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Sylogent develops software that maximizes regulatory compliance, reduces operational costs and optimizes resource value. We leverage an integrated knowledge of process, data, technology and people to design solutions that deliver measurable results.

Compliance Tracking

Process Management

Enterprise Task Planning

Budgeting & Forecasting

Workflow Automation

Structured Data Management

Interactive Electronic Forms

Alerts & Notifications

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Since 2002, Sylogent software has been utilized by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

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